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Caleb Molstad is a doctoral student in the English program at the University of Minnesota where he is immersed in the study of medieval literature. He is interested in the intersection of religion and literature. Like Bilbo, he wants to see mountains again — in this case, the Cascade Range of his native Oregon, which is not unlike the Misty Mountains. Caleb is seldom to be found far from a cup of Gunpowder tea.


Managing Editor

Laura Price is a PhD candidate in English, working on questions of knowledge in early modern literature. Her work with Between Cities is rooted in a desire to help the university community practice the integration of faith and knowledge in all aspects of our lives, especially through interdisciplinary study and ecumenical dialogue. Strong coffee, fresh flowers, and words beautifully arranged make her happy.



Meg McEachran is a PhD candidate in Conservation Sciences at the University of Minnesota. She previously received a BS in Biology and a BA in Catholic studies from the University of Saint Thomas. When she’s not hunting, cooking, foraging, or gardening with her family, she can be found working on her dissertation research.


Editor and Social Media Coordinator

Emily Schoenbeck is a graduate student in English, who enjoys reading Shakespeare and teaching writing to her students. She’s an editor for Between Cities because she likes building communities where the union of faith and learning is celebrated. When not between the pages of a book, Emily can be found at the theater.



Geoffrey Ayers is a perpetual student of literature and film. When he’s not reading books or watching movies or bopping his head to music, he’s completely lost and has no idea what to do. You’ll often find Geoff with a mug of homemade kombucha, half-asleep on a beanbag.



John Hill Price is a PhD candidate in Applied Plant Sciences, where his research focuses on developing a new crop species for sustainable agricultural systems. His work with Between Cities has grown out of his desire to explore Chrisitan environmental stewardship. In addition to his plant related interests, he enjoys baking, football and baseball, and spending time outdoors.



CJ is an undergrad student with a major in History and minors in English, African and African American Studies, and Teaching ESL. Some of CJ’s favorite moments in life are sitting and laughing with middle school students in the hallway when they’re supposed to be “working,” dancing to Crazy Train with her roommates, biking in the cold spring mornings in Minneapolis, and playing chess with friends and family.


Design Editor

Sorted into Gryffindor long ago, Bernard majored in muggle studies at Hogwarts. He enjoys running long distances and exploring forbidden woods at night. When he is not working on designs for Between Cities or the Gryffindor House, he spends his time on trips to the unknown land of Texas.



Design Editor

Alice is in her second year of studying graphic design at the University of Minnesota. She enjoys living her traveling dreams vicariously through various European professors and beginning her third attempt to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy–third time’s the charm, right?


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