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The Little Things: Seeing God in Everyday Life

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

By Holiday Nelson

Peaceful sunsets viewed from rooftops; 

Raindrops trickling, rushing; Rays breaking through rolling clouds; 

Cleansing the land anew. Sunlight illuminating treetops; 

Rooftop drips onto glimmering leaves; Fall colors blazing on twisted branches. 

Vivid foliage against wet, dark branches. 

Red vines enveloping red bricks; 

Birds singing of refreshment after rain, Sharp lines softened with life. 

Playing in rooftop pools; Small plants in sidewalk cracks; 

Bringing life to the silence, Tiny worlds beneath your feet. 

A lively world restored. 

Wind swirling leaves into flashes of color, Gathering billowing clouds, Tickling bird’s feathers, Moving grass like waves on the ocean.

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