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He Knows

I kneel in tender broken darkness

He knows

My knees splayed against my ribs

He knows

My chest rises and falls

He knows this feeling too

The softness that encages my bones feels permanently fleeting

Silent and screaming

How did He know

this flesh and not sin?

Jagged warm breath stretches my skin

My splayed out limbs cry again and again

How did perfection and brokenness coexist,

Sinless infinite feel pain like this?

How are you our kin and His?

My brokenness binds me to the flames of my sin

I am sailor and siren

No cords will hold me from myself

But the ones that held you to the cross

How did You go there

In a body like this?

You came to us, kneeling

And we could only think to fight

You came to us,

Denied yourself,

Quelling our screaming by silent night

Shepherd and lamb

the embodied great I AM

You came to us and wept

And we cried,


What does it look like to obey with every breath?

to ask may-I-father from conception unto death?

Secure you were in a marriage of volitions

Superimposed in perfect submission

Your unceasing total sacrifice

Thinned the veil between I want and Father wants and I will


The curtain was torn in two

Teach me to ask and not demand

To hold out open hands

While you hold my brokenness

Lord, help me rest in your command

Teach me to long for the day

this flesh will yield to blissful obedience

Teach me to trust your no, and your yes

To let obedience plant the dying seed of my flesh

And Your living voice whisper

That I am your child

And you are my holiness

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